The Cristiano Ronaldo/Lionel Messi comparison: Pundit’s opinion


By miles, the two best players on planet Earth for more than a decade now following the exit of Brazillian and Barcelona great: Ronaldinho Gaucho.


Portugal and Real Madrid’s Cristiano Ronaldo popularly known as ‘CR7’ and Argentina and Barcelona’s Lionel Messi have hugely dominated the FIFA and European Best Player award otherwise known as the Ballon d’Or – though both awards were separated before the occasion of the last edition after several years of collaboration – that the rest of the world have become so bored such that many refuse to tune in their television sets to watch the event on the supposed nights, at times with a fore knowledge of who the ‘anointed’ one is.


All sorts of long-held records have been smashed and new, amazing ones set by both legends of the game over the years giving birth to an unparalled kind of rivalry between them. Also, there has always been the talk of a ‘quiet, personal’ beef/animosity between them with the Real Madrid talisman believed to be the one bearing the grudge.


For several years, there has been and still there is the argument/contention between fans and admirers of both superstars as regards who the better player is. You won’t believe it, often fierce fights and even deaths arising from bottle and knife stabs occur as a result. For instance, back in March 2016, a man was killed after arguing with a friend over who the better footballer is between both superstars. Nigerian national Michael Chukwuma, 21, stabbed 34-year-old compatriot Obina Durumchukwu in a Mumbai suburb in India at the time.

The incident took place following a party on the fateful night.





Undoubtedly, both men have got incredible skills and abilities on the ball. At the snap of your fingers they can get you goals even in the tightest of matches. However, on the basis of all-round play, one of them clearly has the edge over the other though an average football fan without indepth knowledge of the game would argue against this fact.



-Both players are good, sharp-shooters of the ball.



-Speed-wise, they are both up there, I don’t think any is better than the other.



-Both players are good dribblers with the ball but Messi is far better in the sense that he takes on one, two, three and even four players face to face but Ronaldo would at most take on just one or two and it has been noticed that he finds it difficult taking on a player face to face, stuff Messi does with so much ease. Ronaldo would rather set the ball on the run right there in the wing and then outpace his marker. In other words, CR7’s ability to dribble is hugely predicated on floating the ball to the wing and then outpacing his marker.



-In terms of goals, as I said earlier, both men score lots of goals but Messi’s are always more breathtaking than Ronaldo’s. His chips, lopes, tight-angle placings – in the course of scoring – all with precision, stands him out. Also, in terms of goals conversion rate, he is more reliable, more clinical.



-Aerially, this one is a no-brainer, in fact piss easy…Lol! Ronaldo, definitely, is by far better than Messi here. He is even blessed with amazing techniques up there.



-Team play, shouldering more responsibilities, leadership role etc: Here, Messi is the bomb. At times, you see him picking up the ball from Barcelona’s defence – in difficult situations – and running towards the midfield and then attack sometimes scoring ultimately or if not, he unleashes deadly through passes to his team-mates who convert them to goals. Often times than not, he is ends up scoring wonder goals in this kinda scenario. Does CR7 do same for Real Madrid and Portugal – Seldomly! Sadly, he is often too laid-back.

And more selfish between the two of them.



Messi plays like he does have the whole of the pitch on his palm and remote controls affairs. His understanding of the game, dictates and so on over the years makes him so, so unique. He forces the issue, takes the bull by the horn, so fearless and always willing to take risks. There are uncountable games for both country and club in which he has displayed these admirable qualities.





Messi has always been a better player between the two and remains so. He is head and shoulder above the Real Madrid man. He is more gifted/endowed, even technically and tactically.  Forget the periods when he does lose the ‘FIFA Best Player’ award to CR7…He always have it in him and remember, form is temporary, class is permanent, as often said.